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Who is this aimed at?

  • 13 – 16 year olds school refusers on alternative education programmes
  • 16 -19 year olds NEET groups
  • 19 + year olds without guidance who may suffer from vulnerability issues, reoffending issues / substance misuse / mental health history
  • We will also teach anyone who seeks to improve their life and gain new skills
Our Aim

We aim our programme at young people and adults, both male and female, who have not made the transition into education, training or employment, using a holistic approach

  • Identifying Barriers surrounding personal development
  • Isolating Negative influences
  • Creating a Positive mentality / Identity
  • Developing Self-confidence (tackle low self esteem)
  • Encouraging Healthy relationships
  • Improving Quality of life
  • Gaining Valuable basic (soft) life skills
  • Enabling better personal appearance and hygiene
  • Introducing them to the hair / nail / barbering / beauty industry
  • Demonstrate / teach relaxation techniques
  • Interview techniques
  • Develop a life progression plan
  • Address / improve current financial situation
  • Motivated students can gain NVQ Courses
  • We can help students who express an interest in starting their own business, we can help them to create a road map / business plan to be incorporated in their life plan. We have specialist staff members available to mentor and support students in building their businesses.

How we will achieve this

Using a holistic based coaching technique we can identify and resolve negative influences and break down personal barriers incorporating the introductory industry skill courses as a softer approach.

We allow the students to work on one another allowing the individual to develop self worth / self confidence and good well being as well as learning a new skill set.

Using our unique approach and specialised technique in a relaxed / safe environment we can gain / raise the individuals' confidence and help to change their perspectives.

Facilitate individuals to see their own potential highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

By attending our programme we encourage students to break their negative behaviour cycles and reassess themselves in a positive manner.

By introducing students to others who have had a similar life style encourages them to open up and discuss / support each other in a safe environment allowing them to break negative old routines.

We raise aspiration levels allowing the individuals' new opportunities that they felt previously out of reach due to financial status or low skill levels.

All our team are committed to raising the awareness of the importance of self belief, by enabling those on the programme to be the best they can be.

Using our personal finance advisor to help individuals to complete income and expenditure spreadsheets allowing them to better manage their financial situation.

We have a basic skills tutor who can help with numeracy and literacy during the programme.

We believe everybody can fulfil their potential - we will run marketing / business / web design / design (logo business branding) workshops.

Why do we feel this is needed?

ur programme has been created as a result of both business research and our practical experience in this field. We feel that a stepping stone route concentrating on the outside as well as the inside in a therapeutic environment is vital when working with vulnerable people and helping to turn their lives around.

Most personal development / employment programmes realistically do not work for everyone. These courses available are not flexible in terms of suiting certain types of individuals needs.

The current courses available are not tailored to meet the needs of people who present challenging behaviour.

From our research we have found that previously mentioned groups need a different approach getting them into employment or training them for a specified career.

By showing them different aspects of employment and self employment we enable the individual to look further ahead in relation to their goals, we raise aspiration levels, showing the individual we believe in them and that they too can start to believe in themselves. It is all about broadening their horizons and letting them realise their potential, helping them to seek to improve their life, giving them something to positively focus on help them to fully develop as well rounded individuals in society.

Society needs to Invest in those who are currently not yet living independently. Our specialist programme is aimed to tackle all of the barriers to meaningful and long term employment. Our programme is inclusive and real. We are looking for outcomes that mean people have the chance to succeed and live a happy and meaningful life.

Our Programme

The course will be run 2 days a week 10am to 3pm. Having taken into consideration the lifestyle / responsibilities and restrictions of the individuals.

  • Improve self confidence- learning basic hair barbering and beauty treatments
  • Increase self respect – Looking at the importance of respecting ourselves and then others
  • To motivate (121 life coaching)- creative thinking career dreams
  • Working out routes into chosen career
  • Over coming barriers to education, training and employment
  • Exploring individuals potentials using SWOT analysis
  • Referrals to local agencies if necessary
  • Basic skills tutor support within the course in literacy and numeracy
  • CV writing expert day

Our programme in not limited to the above and our skills will range as far as the individual needs.

Out Comes

By the end of our course each individual will have a tailor made life plan

  • A new enthusiastic outlook on life
  • Having been signposted to relevant organisations when issues have been identified.
  • Coping strategies / relaxation techniques / confidence levels dramatically raised.
  • Self motivated with a smart appearance and the ability to maintain this with their new skill sets.
  • Empowerment through a new found identity.
  • Positive mentality and new encouraging social groups.
  • On target with their life plan and confident to continue their action plan.
  • Safe in the knowledge that they have a team behind them should they need them
Social Inclusion Programme

Here at Essex Academy, we understand all students are different and unique in their own ways and one students needs my vary from the next.

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