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In as little as a week you could be out earning, in a flexible and rewarding career!!

The training we provide is intensive and will require your focus and dedication. You will progress quickly through the course with the full support from our highly trained tutors and staff at the academy. This coupled with your determination to succeed will ensure you complete your course on schedule.

Essex Academy offer a supportive, non-intimidating learning environment with the additional support of an Intervention Officer, if required. Our in-house Intervention Officer will be able to provide assistance with any problems our students may face (Housing issues, Debt, Benefits).

Anyone can learn with Essex Academy! You don't have to be academic to succeed! We pride ourselves on offering opportunities for everyone.

We are able to provide information on starting out as self-employed and starting your own business.

Our courses cater for anyone looking to learn a new trade, gain more in depth knowledge or add a new skill to your portfolio of treatments.

Our courses range from a day to 18 weeks, running for one or two days a week with the option of day or evenings dependant on the course you choose. You will also receive a manual and online support to revise from.

We highly recommend all students purchase the additional home study - theory book, the price of these vary between £19 and £26, dependant on your course. We feel they are invaluable as a point of reference.

As with all intensive courses, please ensure you have time for home studying. This is a very important part of the fast track process. Tutors and staff will also be available out of class to answer any of your questions.

Equipment and hair/beauty products are also provided at the academy for students to use during their course.

Essex Academy also hold open salon sessions. This is for members of the public to book discounted treatments to be provided by our students. This will provide you with invaluable experience of running treatment diary's, time management, booking clients, marketing and building a successful client base. You will also gain experience in working with members of the public, polishing your skills to offer services with confidence. 

Essex Academy will provide you with all the tools to succeed and with your commitment and determination you will go through to complete your course to the best of your ability.

Learning With Essex Academy

Here at Essex Academy, we specialise in bespoke, intensive hair and beauty courses that can be personalised to each students needs.

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